« The luxury of excellence, night and day. »



Meet Maxim Carlyles on a personalized appointment to create together the most perfect outfit either it is for a wedding, a special occasion, a red carpet or any other event.


A selection of unique Couture sketches will then be made, as well as a selection of materials, prints, embroideries or any other exclusive ornaments and will be presented at a second meeting.

Your measurements will then be taken by a seamstress.


Once the final design is chosen and the necessary adjustments are made, the dream will start to become reality.

A bespoke mannequin will be handcrafted to measure and the manufacturing process can begin.

The toile will be sculpted on your mannequin until we get the perfect silhouette. The pattern will be made and the garment will be completely handcrafted.

An appointment will be arranged for the final fitting to ensure that the garment is perfectly fitting.

The delivery will take place the following days, according to your convenience and can be carried out by a Luxury partner concierge service.


From bridal to evening gowns, to everyday clothing, our goal is to guarantee the highest quality for our products, thanks to our savoir-faire, creativity and strong expertise.


Maxim Carlyles guides every step of the design process and ensures that the Crafts are maintained but also developed and modernized.

We collaborate with the best craftsmen recognized as embroiderers, plumassiers, hatters, leather workers, and many others, but also contemporary artists allowing to work on new materials and new techniques in order to respond to specific requests.

A contemporary reinvention of savoir-faire.

« Haute Couture has no limit,

it is the 8th Art.

The Artists' Workshop which, over the decades, perpetuates traditions while bringing,

each in their own way,

a contemporary reinvention

of savoir-faire »


An exclusive piece can take several hundred of hours, or even several months of manufacture. 


Perfectionist, for Maxim Carlyles, every detail counts and every piece is made with high quality standards.


“Haute Couture is like a fragrance,

timeless, leaving the memory of a perfume we never forget,

a moment, an emotion to remember.”