Inspired by strong women.

Maxim Carlyles loves to create a timeless wardrobe that celebrates the diversity of women. Each collection is designed to make women feel independent, beautiful and powerful.

« Women always inspired me.

Women inspire the World.

Look around and you will always find a strong, 

powerful and intelligent woman, you will never forget.

That's the beauty of the world. »



In order to guarantee the highest quality, Maxim Carlyles calls upon the expertise of its craftsmen and works with luxurious materials and the best French manufactories and ateliers.

Located in a luxurious neighborhood of Paris, the brand develops curated capsules collections or unique pieces in the worlds of Couture, bridal, ready-to-wear, accessories.


Every piece are Made in France and created to make an effortless, dynamic and timeless elegance with perfection and refinement in the details.






The continuous research for excellence inspires every creation. By combining tradition and modern luxury, the Art Crafts and Manufacturing are in the spotlight, so as to provide the highest levels of quality.



“When I create, may it be for my collection or for custom pieces, I always bring together my vision and style in a way women can appropriate it.

Beyond the vetement itself, my art and passion is about creating a symbiosis with my customers.”





“I make Haute Couture because excellence is one of the key features of my character.”